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How do you know if you have a good KD ratio?

A good KD ratio could decide your fate as a pro or a noob. There is one simple logic behind KD ratio.

When you get more kills, the ratio gets higher. As the ratio gets bigger, you are considered a better player.

There is no score as such which can be considered as a good KD ratio. It depends on the average KD ratio score at the moment.

Top KD ratio scores in PUBG

Rank Player KD Ratio Games
1 cyk15 48.75 19
2 SK_Ducan 33.36 116
3 diuleiloumouon9 31.42 89
4 qunimadeyingwe 29.80 19
5 QQ_qun641276417 16.09 54
7 ming19982756 13.12 115
8 sealed_xd 12.36 130
9 Deathstalker00 11.77 33
10 pigdaddy_da 11.74 120


When it comes to features, this tool has a couple of them that makes it unique.
Here are the features that you should know about:


I had always wanted to know my KD ratio. Now I can. Thanks to Tools Pilot for creating this awesome tool!

- Nick Brandon

How does it work?

The tool is quite simple. You just have to enter the number of kills and number of deaths and click on the 'Calculate' button. You will see your KD ratio.
If you want to know your KDA ratio, enter the number of Assists along with the number of kills and number of deaths.

Are the numbers accurate?

This tool is based on the formula used to calculate KD and KDA.

KD = Kills/Deaths
KDA = (Kills + Assists)/ Deaths

The algorithm is set to perform the calculation with this formula. There is absolutely no space for miscalculations.

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