You'll have to take our word for it that the wheel landed on Vietnamese. Your browser cannot display the wheel of choices. Please upgrade to a newer browser that supports HTML5 (most new ones do). Wheel Decide would normally show a wheel right here with choices that you can set (lunch, games, dinner, anything!). You can spin it to get a random decision. Make your own wheel of dinner, wheel of fortune, wheel of lunch, wheel of whatever you want now!



Sometimes taking a decision with a yes or no is really difficult. Especially when the decision is about something related to work or personal life.

Do you need to make an instant decision? Well, if you need help with making a decision just with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, this wheel that can do it for you.

This random “yes or no generator” uses a spin wheel to generate the answer for you. You can spin the wheel once or as many times as you want till you get the right decision.